Producer and Experience Designer


Unifying vision, making dates, and integrating empathy into the production process, from concept to final.


Hey there!

I'm JM, a producer who is at his best when producing and designing interactive experiences that surprise and delight users. Through my time in the gaming industry, I've developed a keen understanding of what it takes to design, build, and manage such experiences, from concept to ship date and beyond. Leveraging my expertise in cross-disciplinary communication, I have a proven track record of empowering teams to delivery quality products under a unified vision. In short, I know what "good" looks like, and I know how to get my team there in one piece.

My years in research and development at EA under CCO Rich Hilleman have developed into an aptitude for innovation and emerging technologies (i.e. VR, HTML5, streaming games), and fine-tuned my ability to deliver quality experiences with limited resources. On the other hand, my current position as a Feature Producer for The Sims 4 has taught me valuable lessons about the large-scale development of live service content that will maintain the attention of Gen-Z consumers.

I am currently employed at Electronic Arts, but always interested in hearing about new opportunities in the gaming industry, or at any tech company dedicated to best-in-class user experience. Please feel free to reach out!




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